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Patrick is the real deal.


His ability to help you get to the truth and create profound changes in your life is powerful.


Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in coaching his clients.


I highly recommend him as an

Empowerment Life Coach."


Kimberly L., Galveston, TX


I have had house

space clearings with

other practitioners

and my husband, Ted, and I agree we really enjoyed Patrick’s.


Not only was it extremely effective but done in such a joyous, light-hearted and fun way.


We loved that he included our kids as part of the ceremony.


It made it more uplifting and they loved the

Space Clearing bells.


Patrick is not only a true professional

Space Clearer, but a beautiful person

and we loved having him here.”

Shari G., Greenwich, CT


"I must say that I was kind of skeptical about having an

Interior Alignment® consultation and Space Clearing in my home.


However, things in my life were not working out the way I wanted to be going. During our session I was amazed at the process of how Patrick got to the most important aspects that I wanted to bring into my life and he helped me really set my intentions.


Then the Space clearing changed the entire feeling of the home. This was the first time that I felt that this was really my home.


Patrick worked on the relationship and career area of my home. Within three months I had a new girlfriend and I also got a raise at work. I would highly recommend Patrick’s work if you are stuck and want to make some positive changes in your life.”


Jeff M., Great Barrington, MA

I had amazing realizations of how I could bring change and meaning to my life after just a few sessions with Patrick.


He helped me realize that I could be the co-creator in my life instead of everyone else running it. He also helped me build a toolbox of coaching skills and assisted me with my clutter problem.


Now I am stronger and can manage my clutter, as it is no longer a problem. I have also made some huge changes in my life that I don’t feel that I would have been able to do without Patrick’s help.

I thank you so much.”

Jenny J., Dallas, TX




Golden Alchemy
Patrick Merrill

I am based in New York City, New England area.

I travel almost anywhere in the USA.

Depending on location, travel fees and accommodations may apply.




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