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Why won’t that house sell?

It’s got a great location and it’s a great size,

and I could see almost anyone wanting to live there.


The bigger question is what energy and imprints is that space holding that is

pushing potential buyers to walk away.


Everyone knows first impressions are vital to sales, relationships, and everything else in our lives.


So let’s get the first impression right, so that your house has the ideal placement, harmony, and flow for everyone who enters.


Although each dwelling or workplace attracts a particular client for that space, it is still a wise investment to Space Clear, Clutter Clear, and Stage each space to its highest potential.


It is worth it for you and for its next

owner or tenant.


Realtors often work with

Space Clearers because of the results we bring.

Every real estate firm and professional realtor has sensed stagnant and stale energy in apartments, homes, commercial real estate, and, even, land.

Many don’t know exactly why this so-called ideal dwelling won’t sell or why it’s a revolving door of failed living situations or businesses.

This makes a realtor’s work frustrating.

From my experience, if a home has had four divorces, there is another one on the way. How about that commercial business space that keeps failing and regularly comes back on the market?

I have seen these patterns repeat over and over again. Unless there is a professional assessment and space clearing to reset the energy of the space, the next incarnation won't be any more successful.



In many states in the USA it is law that the site of a suicide and or murder must be made available as a public record.

Would you want your family to live in a house in which you knew such a tragedy had occurred? In today’s uncertain real estate market, with so many foreclosures that have left imprints of failure, sadness, and loss, I offer a professional Real Estate Staging and Space Clearing service.

This is an invaluable service that your firm can offer clients who are moving into or out of an apartment, house, or business dwelling. With each Space Clearing I move out the old imprints of previous owners, workers, or events that may hold stagnant energy there for years or even centuries.

This is not religion or superstition—it is just how energy works. Energy is either harmonious and flowing or disruptive and stagnant; it needs some attention by a professional to enhance the space and clear out the stale energy.



You and your client have everything to gain by booking a Space Clearing and Interior Alignment® session.

The client generally pays for this service, although some high-profile real estate companies cover the cost of the Space Clearing and Interior Alignment® staging session.

Also, if you are an individual and want to sell your house fast or find a new home, I highly recommend a Space Clearing and Interior Alignment® session.

The results are highly effective and long lasting. Moreover, I have seen so many spaces that are not staged to sell, where personal items and clutter is everywhere. This neglected first impression rarely spells success to a potential buyer.

For those who are involved in real estate, whether it is with apartments, houses, commercial space, or land, I can assess each space for the unique energy that it holds.



Real estate agents should feel no concern that my services ever influence a client to not buy a home, apartment, or land.

In fact, a Space Clearing or an Interior Alignment® often makes sales go faster and smoother because I work to enhance the positive energy and bring harmony to each client and space, removing the fears that often surround real estate deals.



Later, if a client wants another Space Clearing or Interior Alignment® consultation after moving into the new space, I craft a ceremony in which together we bring in his or her highest intentions for life in that space.

I then create enhancements to balance each space and each client’s individual needs. This works every time—it gives each individual great joy and personal power to really make a new home or business filled with unique energy.

This is truly a wonderful experience to witness! 

Space Clearing, Interior Alignment®, and

Real Estate Staging are powerful methods for the modern world, and I am passionate about helping real estate professionals and individuals create spaces of balance and harmony.

Let me help assist you to get selling and buying homes and moving businesses forward!




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