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What do you see and feel as you look around your home or workplace?

Does it feel alive with vibrant energy, or is it dull, stagnant, and even cluttered with negative vibes that pull you down and get in the way of you having the life or business that you dream of ?

A Space Clearing is a powerful investment you make in your home or workplace, one of the ways you can bring harmony and balance to your life.

A Space Clearing also raises positive energy (chi), creates abundance and prosperity, and increases your health and vitality.

Space Clearing is an ancient art form that has been used for thousands of years in almost every culture in the world to clear out the old and bring forth new energy and life force (chi).


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Today we have a vast amount of information, methods, and tools added to the traditional rituals of Space Clearing.


With my years of experience working with moving energy, I bring a powerful and effective way to clear homes, land, apartments, and businesses.


My goal is to meet each client’s needs, aspirations, and intentions and discover what kind of energy each space is holding.


In each Space Clearing session I perform a beautiful and profound ceremony that clears and purifies energetic imprints that cause energies to stagnate in homes, businesses, buildings, and even land.


Many of these stagnant energies have dwelled in a space for decades or even centuries.



I often ask a client, “Would you move into a house in which there have been five divorces in a row or a business space that has failed time

and time again?”

We’ve all seen or heard of that repetitive pattern. Unless a professional Space Clearing is performed, you can expect that same pattern to repeat itself.

A Space Clearing interrupts that negative pattern, creating new energy, vitality, and a harmonious flow, thus bringing back clarity, balance, and health to a home or workplace.

 It is a profound tool for creating new beginnings and aspirations—it works when you are selling or moving into a new home, after a divorce, after an illness or death, or to bring in a new love partner or child.

A Space Clearing will enhance your health and vitality. If you feel stuck in a rut, I can help you get clear about your intentions so that you can bring into your life and/or business the things you really want.




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I am dedicated to helping

individuals get clear and



A Space Clearing is nonreligious, and it is not a superstition; it is rather a powerful process of moving old, stale energy out and bringing in new, vibrant energy.


If you are religious or have a spiritual faith or beliefs, however, we can incorporate your faith or religion into the ceremonial part of your Space Clearing.


This invocation adds a very powerful aspect to a Space Clearing, as your faith is connected to your heart, your soul, and your life.




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