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Get ready for your life to blossom!

Creating a self-designed life is the most valuable investment you can make in yourself!

Are you living a life that is fully connected to your essence, soul, and dreams?

Or are fear, negative thoughts, and procrastination running your life—keeping you from living the life your soul intended?

Did you know that every 60 seconds you spend fearful, angry, or upset is a full minute of joy and happiness that you will never experience?

All of us want to live the fullest expression of joy, happiness, love, and balance that life can hold.

What would it feel like to know that you could create this for yourself?


Every day and in each moment you have a choice. Do you go through your days lost in self-defeating stories of the past that weigh you down and keep you stagnant? You, however, are not your story. You—and only you—can choose to get out of that old story and create a new, more fulfilling, one.


With Empowerment Life Coaching,

I compassionately assist all of my clients to discover their fullest potential and examine what may not be working in their lives in the present moment.


I provide a safe and supportive space where each client will assemble a powerful toolbox for building a joyous life. I am very passionate about helping people create positive changes, believing that everyone needs a strong support system while embarking on life changes.



Just imagine living authentically in each moment.

It takes courage, trust, and faith to fully own your life. As the saying goes “The soul loves the truth!”

Empowerment Life Coaching allows you to connect to your soul’s intention; it is the 21st century’s way to make lasting and positive change, and it works. It is Life Design by You! This process can be creative and fun—and it is easier than you may think!

I offer a one-time free 30-minute phone Empowerment Coaching session, so call, and let’s get started creating positive change.



Your new life is waiting

for you to create it!


I also offer personalized meditation instruction for Empowerment Coaching clients who want to meditate, but feel their busy lives just doesn’t give them time or space.


I can help you find that time and space for meditation, so that you can build a practice that is a right fit for your lifestyle and personality.

(All sessions are done over the phone,

and some long-distance fees may apply.

See your phone provider for details.) 



 Serving New York, New England and the World

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