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Does your home or business have the harmony, balance, vitality, and flow that reflect you and your highest aspirations and intentions?

What do you feel when you enter your space?

What do others feel?

This is where you spend most

of your valuable and quality time,

and your space is the

mirror of your life!


Interior Alignment® is an environment transformational system

created by the world-renowned

author, speaker, and

master spiritual educator Denise Linn.



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Interior Alignment®  

is an all-encompassing spiritual, physical, and mental professional practice whose focus is to enrich people’s lives and environments.


It is also often known as Instinctive Feng Shui and uses the methodology of Feng Shui, the Bagua, and Buddhism from the East.


Yet this multidimensional system also incorporates methods from

Native American cosmology and techniques;

Celtic symbolism;

Sacred geometry;

and shamanic and spiritual practices of the West.


The philosophy of Interior Alignment® is to instill harmony and balance in the world one space at a time.



One of the most powerful aspects of the Interior Alignment® system

is the art of placement, or how best to arrange your environment so that it uniquely reflects you.

 Traditional Feng Shui has great value, yet it is based on a system that was created more than 2,000 years ago in China. Today’s world differs from that ancient world, and I have discovered that Interior Alignment®, while drawing so much from the powerful history and wisdom of the past as it incorporates effective techniques, methods, and practices from many cultures, has an enhancement for almost any situation or environment in this modern world. Interior Alignment® is designed to honor each individual while supporting the goals and desires of each individual’s environment.




Watch Space Clearing Techniques



I include a basic

Interior Alignment® consultation

in each Space Clearing.

This empowers you, your home, or your business. You will learn about personalized enhancements that can shift the (chi) energy flow in your space. I work with you and your space with its own unique energy, to fulfill your intentions of what you would like to bring into your life, home, or business.

Your space reflects  your life, so let’s move out the old that no longer works and bring in new clarity, balance, and the art of placement, which will bring you a higher vibration and new opportunities! 





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