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Got clutter? Lets get started!

Clutter is an accumulation

of things that are

no longer needed, loved, or used.


It takes on four forms:

physical clutter,

mental clutter,

emotional clutter,

and spiritual clutter.

Physical clutter

is visible—it’s the old clothes you never wear or objects you don’t love or care for.


 Physical clutter can actually pose dangers to your health and the health of others.


The media and reality shows like

Hoarders have brought much attention to the damage that clutter wreaks in one’s life.



Mental clutter accumulates when your thoughts keep spinning around like a

merry-go-round, revisiting the same scenes

 over and over and preventing you from

finding peace and harmony.

Emotional clutter, like mental clutter,

keeps us stuck in the past,

engendering depression and anxiety,

blocking joy and happiness.

 It allows negative emotions to control your life.

    The last, spiritual clutter, arises when you, other people, the earth and the Universal Creator have no space or connection. Spiritual clutter may have its roots in a confused religious upbringing of dogma and fear, which can create a lack of faith and an inability to get to what really matters in your life.

In our busy modern world it is often difficult to prevent clutter from taking over in one area or another. Just keeping up with work, family, tasks, appointments, and e-mails alone can overwhelm you. Clutter also costs time, money, and energy. We waste so much time frantically looking for things around and under piles of unwanted stuff—it’s exhausting and psychological draining.



Clutter is a way of holding

on to the past,

yet it often prevents you from making room for new possibilities to come into your present.


One of the most common justifications for holding on to stuff is:

“But I never know when I might need it.”


But have you ever discovered something you didn’t even remember burying and then use or love it again? I have yet to see this happen.



For a Clutter Clearing, I meet you exactly where you are,

in whatever shape your space is in.


I create a safe and nonjudgmental environment in which we work together to look at where clutter has built up and how it is affecting your life and energy.


 I work with compassion, going at a pace as fast or as slow as you are comfortable with.


It is important that we work to discover the root causes of how the clutter got there to begin with—

then I can clear that energy so that it does not return.



I love seeing my clients regain energy, vitality, and a passion for life once they begin the process of clearing their clutter. Uncovering the cause is crucial, however;

if the reason that clutter got there to begin with is not addressed and released, the clutter might return in as soon as a few months or even weeks.


Yet most clients, once they get past fear and holding on, simply love clutter clearing, and it becomes a natural process.


Clutter Clearing is

liberating and fun.


Believe it or not, you can become and remain clutter free for your entire life!


So contact me for your individualized and personal Clutter Clearing sessions.




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