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I had the great fortune to be a ballet dancer in my teens and twenties and moved to New York City to be part of the great dance boom of the 1980s.

The experience of using my body as my tool to explore the aspect of endless physical energy and movement through space was my first connection of moving energy through space.

This was an amazing combination of an inner process and building profound physical energy.

After leaving the world of dance, I became a hairdresser and worked in several Madison Avenue salons. This experience revealed to me a very close look into the human experience and condition.

As the TV commercial says, “ Only your hairdresser knows for sure.” There I learned how we become our stories, and I learned to embrace our humanness.

After five years of hearing stories, I became passionate about old and historic objects.

This lead me to my next role as an antique and art dealer and co-owner of a gallery in NYC at a time when the antique and art world was at its peak for homes and collections.

Many people were creating fakes because the demand was so high, and I, through sensing and tuning into objects, became a detective of energy.

I positioned myself in this career and placed beautiful and rare objects in high-end collections and museums. This was where I really began to master the art of reading and sensing energy, imprints, and what an object or a space was telling me.



I was already on a spiritual path of self-examination and growth,

and I was being called to move into the profession of

energy work and the healing arts.

Assisting in the shift of energy and helping people make positive changes to their health and their lives

had begun to fascinate me.



I have now been an energy worker and healing arts practitioner for more

than 15 years.


I hold a BA in Psychology and have been a traditional

 Usui Reiki Master

for more than ten years.


I also trained at the Aromatherapy Institute of NYC to become a certified aromatherapist.


I then discovered the profession of life coaching and knew instantly that I had found a calling that would bring great depth, service, and meaning into my practice for both for my clients and myself.


I first studied for two years at the Fearless Living Institute under the renowned Rhonda Britten.


I then felt compelled to add a more spiritual dimension to my coaching practice, so I trained under the legendary Denise Linn and became a certified coach from the

Soul Coaching® International Institute.



I hold certifications with the Interior Alignment® Institute as an

Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and as a

Space Clearing Practitioner and Clutter Clearing consultant.


I also studied Clutter Clearing, Space Clearing, and Advanced Space Clearing at the

Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing.



I’ve trained in meditation at the Clairvision School of Meditation and the Shambala Center and studied meditation with Thomas Amelio, founding member of Kripalu and a Sanskrit scholar.


I have also trained in Shamanic Healing and Space Clearing with celebrated Native American Healers, including Tiokasin Ghosthorse.

I feel blessed, honored, and grateful to have had all of the outstanding teachers, clients, and life experiences that have allowed me to do the work that I love and that I am meant to do.


It brings me great joy to help others in the world.

All of these experiences have provided me with an extensive toolbox to assist and help in creating positive changes for individuals, their lives, their homes, families, and businesses.

Patrick Merrill





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